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1.What is your style of photography?

I shoot the entire wedding in a non-intrusive style. Clients refer to this as ‘Candid’ for the want of a better word. I try to capture all the emotions that revolve around the various parts/ceremonies of the wedding day. While there are several photographers shooting weddings, the endeavor is to create the best set of images; with a story and technical vibrance.

2.What is candid photography?

You were a toddler or a teen at your favorite aunt’s wedding. Do you remember the pictures? Sure, you do remember that one odd picture that has you posing in a way that embarrasses you now – but do you remember the wedding albums? They were, barring very few exceptions, a visual attendance register. They tell a story too – but it’s like an unremarkable, mass-produced screenplay written in morse code – bride and groom arrive – dot – parents in attendance – dot dot – ties mangalsutra – dot. As the elderly Rose Dawson remarks wistfully in Titanic, “Thank you for that fine forensic analysis, Mr. Bodine. Of course, the experience of it was…. somewhat different.”

That is what I try to do in my work – to bridge that divide between the experience and the evidence. To me, it is the most important work that can be – capturing a lifetime experience, one that is unorchestrated even while being planned, one that is joyous and nerve wracking all at the same time to the bride and groom, one that makes your parents realize the weight of your coming of age moment even while they continue to look wistful (you were only a bawling, screaming baby, just yesterday! where did the years go?)

It is this, the stream of duality, that is so much a part of Indian weddings – from the joyous wedding to the painful vidai, it is a range of happy conflicts that appear for a moment and gone the next – one that a passionate professional with an inclination to candid pictures is sure to capture.

And therein lies my work, in that tiny infinity of time between here and gone. But I must also tell you this – all this talk is not against artful posing, or tastefully orchestrated images, as one is often wont to assume while on the subject of candid photography. So I’d say I’m a professional who takes care to unobtrusively capture all the moments that truly tell your wedding story, in a timeless, transporting way, while also devoting time to artfully created fun moments- this happy balance can and does exist!

3.Can you explain how you work? What is your approach and style in photography and wedding films?

That Moment photography has a team of Candid Photographers and Videographers who love capturing your moments and tell you a story. Our passion is a artistic approach to wedding photography & Cinematography which combines elements of photojournalism, portraiture, fashion and fine art. On the day of the wedding our emphasis is to tell your unique story just the way it is. We do not choreograph or script the content. We shadow the couple unceasingly through the day and document not just the moments but real emotions that make up their wedding story. However for the pre or post couple portrait sessions we may have to guide our couples a bit so that the couples are at ease and not feeling awkward about the whole thing.

4.What is the most important part of hiring you as our wedding photographer?

We believe that there are 3 things you should keep in mind while engaging a wedding photographer:

Firstly, you must have an instinct for the style of photography you want for your wedding. Would you want to opt for the stereotypical “posed” type of photography or would you much rather choose a candid, natural way of capturing images? …the kind that captures the essence of your special day and is reflective of varied moods and emotions. A good bet is to engage a photographer each from both schools. While the posed photos have traditionally been used, the candid photos capture all those precious moments that would make your wedding unique.

Secondly, the photographer you choose must have the confidence, rapport and understanding of your friends and family in a manner that he is accepted more as a friend than a photographer. This is a little tricky as most of the photographers would have a big gap in the mindsets and this can create a big difference in capturing all those fun filled moments or the other finer moments of bonding and love. If you can’t relax and be yourself, it will be very difficult to capture the true essence of your wedding. You should choose someone who will make you feel at ease, can relate with you and enhance the quality of your special day.

And lastly, the photographer himself, his passion, eye for details , his own distinctive style for wedding photography and his willingness to go the extra mile in capturing all those moment that you will cherish for a long long time.

6.Do you also do Traditional photography/Traditional videography/Wedding Cinema? Do you do Couple shoot/Portraiture?

Yes, I offer all of the above. Couple shoots and Candid Wedding Photography and wedding cinemas continue to remain my favorite areas of work. However, on request, I will deliver a complete package to you.

Some couples engage me for candid and a couple shoot, while some families ask that I give a complete package taking care of all photography/videography needs.

7.What is the size of your team?

I have covered a range of ceremonies – private, intimate weddings to weddings attended by tens of thousands of guests. I have shot alone and worked with a team of 45 – it truly depends on the wedding.

8.Should I hire a team of photographers from each side; boy’s side and girl’s side?

I have often ended up at weddings where I see the various teams of photographers elbowing each other and fighting amongst each other when the ceremonies are on! So what a client basically does it, gets a great “deal” from some studio guys and we end up with 10-12 people clicking the same things and the same faces. Which is a waste of money and nobody gets to focus on their work.

9.Do you also deliver wedding videos?

Yes, I do that. Depends on your budget and what kind of videography you would like.

10.Can you design coffee-table books?

Yes, I work with some specialized printers to deliver high-end photo-books basis a client’s requirement

11.How long will you take to deliver the images?

I share approx 10 images within 2 weeks of the wedding and the remaining come within 60 days of the last date of the wedding (JPEGs).

12.Can you share details of make-up artists?

Yes, I do have some good contacts of various vendors with whom I can connect you as we go forward.

13.What Camera you use.

Well I am Canon..But frankly It is really not the camera that creates the image but the person holding it. I use the latest and best high end equipment that I need to create the magic that you expect me to create.

“The important thing is not the camera but the eye.” – Alfred Eisenstaedt

Having said that, we use high end equipment including full-frame DSLRs, fast lenses, all forms of off-camera lighting, remote lighting equipment, props, stands, tripods, monopods, mini jib, sliders, cinematic lenses, drones helicams, body rigs  etc.

14.What are the Standard deliverables?

Web ready images uploaded in an online web gallery, easy to share with family and friends and on social media.

High resolution images that are print ready, handed over in Hard Disk Drives, Custom DVDs or Blu-Ray. Number of images differ based on events

A Designer Coffee Table Book or a high quality trendy album specially designed with a stylish, fine art finish to create a story around the wedding/event as it happened. The book/album is handmade, and comes with a high quality sheets. The book will be about 60-80 pages and 12×12 or 12X16 or 12X18(inches) in size, containing 100-120 images approximately.

Wedding cinema / HD Video in a DVD or hard disks (where applicable)

Additional copies of coffee table books, DVDs photo frames, canvas prints are offered at additional cost.

15.What format of Images and Video do you deliver?

Images: High resolution images(.JPEG) that are print ready and RAW formats (Hard Disk Drive, Custom DVDs or Blu-Ray)

Video: HD Video in a DVD or Blu-Ray.

At that moment photography, your images go through a rigid post production process with stress on aesthetics and speaking your moments (no batch editing!) to deliver the best images that will truly remind you of how the most important day in your life unfolded. RAW images will not be given, for this reason – just as I would shy away from serving you raw ingredients if I were a chef!

16.Will you work with a different photographer?

Of course! If you have hired another person or team already known to you or whose work interests you for some aspects of traditional photography/videography, I’ll be happy to shoot with them.

17.Do you have a standard package? How customizable is your package?

Yes, details of which can be found here.  The standard package is customizable to suit your need. Each wedding is truly unique, and the requirements of couples vary too – it is only fair to let you do the choosing.

18.What is your pricing? Can the pricing be customized further?

The package can be tailored to the finest detail based on your requirements. However, it will not be possible to negotiate on pricing which is in line with quality of work delivered, technique and the value of art.

19.How do I do a booking with you?

A down payment of 40% of the total package cost has to be made to confirm the booking. The second payment will 50% of the total to be paid at the wedding day and the 10% balance has to be paid while delivering the album. A contract has to be signed by the bride or the groom, in agreement with terms and conditions. It is an easy to understand and concise contract.

20.What mode of payment is available?

Cheque/Electronic Transfer/Wire transfer/Cash are acceptable modes of payment.

how early should i book ?

Our bookings generally are made 3-6 months prior the wedding date. Feb/May/Aug/November/December are the busier months of the year. We purely work on first come first serve basis. The best way to reach us is on email contact@thatmomentphotography@gmail.com or +91-9486086111 

21.When can I expect my deliverables?

Images: RAW images in about 10 days timeline. 2-3 weeks of unhurried editing time after the wedding make for the best images I can deliver.

Wedding Cinema: 7-8 weeks after the wedding.

Albums: 2-3 weeks after a review from your end.

Wedding video: Wedding video will be delivered 5-6 weeks after the wedding.

In all of the above cases, additional customization will take longer. The timelines mentioned above are indicative.

22.I know a photographer/videographer charging way lesser then you guys. Can you negotiate your prices?

I guess by now, reading through the FAQs you know the answer for this. We would love people who come to that moment photography keeping in mind that Photography/Wedding films are fine art and not commodities.

23.Where are you open to shooting?

I’m open to shoot anywhere, location is not at all a constraint. My core photography charges remain the same irrespective of location. At present, I am based out of coimbatore/chennai/ooty, but this changes often because I’m a traveller into believing that moving cities(and to villages posing as cities) every now and then is the most exciting way to live.

24.Do I have to arrange for your travel/accommodation? Does the package include travel and accommodation charges? Any exceptions?

Travel: Travel to the city of shoot, local travel (ie. within the city of the shoot), food charges are charged at actuals. Travel to the city of shooting usually means travel by 3rd AC train or economy class air travel, depending on the distance.

Accommodation : I stay as a guest, and what’s good for the guests will work excellently for me – My only requirement would be privacy (no sharing of rooms, please!) which I need for my edits and storing equipment. If the location is Coimbatore or the city I’m put up in at the time of the shoot, the accommodation charges are waived.

Misc : If there is a location fee/permission fee levied by another body or Government for shooting, it has to be borne by the client.

25.What rights to the deliverables do I own?

You are free to print, share and display(home use) the images. Due photographer credit, while sharing images will be appreciated.

26.What is the photographer’s right limited to?

I will not sell your images for commercial purposes. I own the copyright and I reserve the right to selectively use them in my website, as art in exhibitions, contests and social media for business promotion.

27.How do I cancel a booking? Would there be a refund?

A confirmation of your event also means that I have turned away other clients thereby losing potential business opportunities, so a full refund is not possible. However a partial refund will be allowed, based on other factors like getting another booking on the same dates you have canceled out and how close the event dates are at the time of cancellation. At the minimum, 50% of the total package cost is non-refundable in case of a cancellation.

I’d like to mention that this has not happened before with me What has happened, in fact, are couples who have rescheduled their wedding dates on learning that their original wedding dates were not available for a that moment booking – I’m very proud of this, and think that this is an excellent indicator of the quality I deliver.

28.Can I reschedule after booking confirmation?

Yes, you can. If the rescheduling is done 90 days before the event date, an additional fee of 20%( of the total package cost) has to be paid. In other cases, 50%(of the total package cost) has to be paid.

29.Are partial Cancellations allowed?

Yes, they are. The fee will vary based on the total number of days for which you have booked me and cancelled.

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