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Why I’m Still a photographer?

There is a phase in our life where we were with our cameras all the time, for a season. May be something inspired us to pick up the camera at some point.  Desire behind the lens would have evolved us to become a photographer. For some its passion, for others its profession. For few like me, “The Gifted Ones” it’s both passion and profession.

When the people I shot, quoted that I have an eye for this art, it occurred to me it was a natural thing. But when I sat one day before few months pondering over it, I came to a conclusion. Of Course the bigger reason being I don’t know anything other than this profession. There are few other reasons why I’m still a photographer

I feed my addiction

I’m addicted to shoot people. Even for profile shots and display pictures when people try to click me, I just frame and compose and ask them to shoot the same. Many a times, couple shoots have gone late till all my batteries have gone dry (Sometimes, the couple). Im so addicted that I can’t control

I think

Photographs may give us pause. A time out to enjoy the moment, the memory, the feeling that’s been invoked. Thinking is good. I love to make my subject resonate with the viewer.

I travel a lot

There are times when I travel with other photographers. Other times it’s a solo gig. The alone moments, particularly in nature, are conveyed in many different ways. A solo trek in deep woods would steer up the inner voice speaking to us loud. Travel photography spans a few miles to thousands of miles to share your unique view of the sights that may be unseen or unnoticed by others. And I love to drive around, in my “Silk” (my dusky Honda Jazz), my best travel buddy.

Following Footsteps

Social media these days, have opened our eyes to the beauty, diversity, struggles and life around the globe. Articles and images that we saw long ago still resonate within us. There is an urge that I could do something for a better good.

Noticing Details

As Candid photographer, I’m jazzed to get out there early and start seeing the world as it wakes up. People, Birds, landscapes, wildlife are amazing subjects in their entirety. Their individual features are also incredible. I see the small things and introduce others to their beauty. The minor details would amaze me altogether.


       Seeing children at play takes us back into a time when we were on school grounds or in playgrounds with our buddies enjoying a sunny evening. Each time, I pick up my gig, A sense of happiness spreads around me. Whatever difficulty in the shoot, a sense of happy aura is always around. Watching and photographing sports and group events presents both challenges and rewards. Whether or not she won the race, does it matter? Her smile, expression says “winner” and “happy to be here” all the way! Photographs spread infectious energy. It makes me happy. And I spread happiness

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